Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, every day we will be waiting for you at 10 AM & 2 PM. So if you are too busy today, come join us tomorrow 😉
If there should be a change, due to holidays, big public festival, or Christmas break we will inform you via Facebook. So please check our Facebook page here to be sure.
If you want to join our public tours, you only have to show up. So no registration needed.

If you are planning a private tour with us, we would like to help by organizing your alternative tour, so therefore you should contact us here.

We normally cover the central station neighborhood and then go to the city center of Frankfurt. If you want to know more about some spots we cover please click here.
Overall, it takes about two and a half hours, so the tour ends around 4:30 pm.
Of course it depends on the guide and how fast you walk :P
Quite often on „Hauptwache“, but sometimes also on „Eiserner Steg“. It all depends on your guide!
Since we live here in Germany, we got used to rain and snow (some more, some less :D). So yes, the tour takes place when it rains or snows.
But please do not forget to bring an umbrella ;)
We’ve been travelers ourselves and we believe that your budget should not limit you in understanding a city and lifestyle. The tour is based on tips, as our guides are not paid by any company nor the city!

So in the end you decide how much you feel to give ;)

Comfortable shoes and in summer some sunscreen, hat/cap and water. For the winter we recommend warm shoes and clothes.
Please do not forget to bring questions! Because we love them.
It depends. Normally we try to have a maximum of 20 people in a group. But it always depends on the weather, national holidays or events in or around Frankfurt.
The participation in our public tour is permitted to persons younger than 18 years only with a permission of a legal guardian. It is necessary since we talk about social problems of Frankfurt. We also include the topics prostitution and drugs.